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Let me help improve your animal-owner relationship. Training improves communication between you and your pet, strengthening the bonds of loyalty and obedience, and increasing the potential to introduce a well-loved member into your family for the rest of their life. Check out my course calendar and sign up for a class today.


This is my boy Blaze walking by my left side. There are a few behaviors that have been trained here. He is giving me eye contact and he is walking along my side with a loose leash. These behaviors were trained very quickly using only force free methods!

Your dog can learn to walk like this very quickly as well!

I use positive reward-based training, as taught at KPA, which is based on the science of how dogs learn.

It is an effective and gentle way to teach dogs what we would like them to do in order for them to live with us in a happy and structured way. Instead of focusing on and correcting the dog on what we don't want them to do, we teach them what it is we want them to do.
My mission is to help owners and their dogs work together as a well structured and happy team. I believe that using positive reinforcement and force free training is the best way to train an animal.

I want my dogs and their family to have complete trust that I am going to keep them safe and happy!

Training with positive reinforcement methods helps me build that trust. Training should be fun for both you and your dog. If your dog is excited to learn and he is being rewarded, then the behaviors we teach will happen over and over again.

Paula is an excellent teacher and trainer. She understands your dog’s needs and his behavior. She is able to help you work with your dog in his specific environment. He just turned one year old and responded quickly to this training. I enjoy the time I spend with her training my dog and would take additional classes form her.
~ Sheryl S

I trust Paula completely with my dog. I have a rescue dog who has anxiety issues with cars and Paula has worked tirelessly with him to soothe his fears when out on walks. I also have a tricky work schedule and Paula is very flexible and accommodating to last minute changes, which I greatly appreciate.
~Heather H

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