Dogs learn behaviors 45% faster using a clicker and a reward to mark a desired behavior

Benefits of Positive Reinforcement training: 

Positive Reinforcement training allows all family members to be involved in the training process. With supervision even the smallest member of the family can train the family dog.​

  • Boredom is a common problem with some dogs; training is an excellent way to avoid unwanted behaviors that can be produced by boredom.

  • Training with positive reinforcement is a real mental workout for dogs. While your dog is mentally active in the learning process, he is working very hard to figure out what it is you are asking him to do. Think about how tired you were when you took a difficult test while in school.  Most dogs will sleep for hours after a training session.

  • It is a ton of fun for both you and your dog. Many dogs view a training session as playtime. Dogs are always excited when they are offered a training session.

  • It will help strengthen a trusting and bonding relationship with you and your dog.

  • It is a more effective way to help extinguish unwanted behaviors in a lasting and gentle way.

  • For feaful dogs, positive reinforcement training gives the dog a choice, therefore giving the dog control in his own learning process. Control builds confidence which allows the dog to move forward towards living a less fearful life.

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Lacey's Mat training 

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Lacey's Mat training

Part 1

Loose leash without a leash

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