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Puppy Training

 Adolescent Behavior Training 5 months - 2 years  ($185 for 6 weekly classes)

This class is designed to teach solid impulse control. Adolescence is the most difficult time the human handler will have with their dog. Teens are teens no matter the species. We will teach teens and adult dogs how to train within a classroom with other dogs no matter the ages. We will concentrate on both behavior and training the behaviors needed for impulse control and good choices from the class dogs. 

Building Confidence with Fun Sports  5 months and up.  ($185 for 6 weekly classes)

This class is designed to help dogs learn while they are having fun. Many dogs that begin with fear issues have built the confidence they need to navigate calmly and happily through the human world. Learning while playing is a great way to train.

CGC Canine Good Citizens ($185 for 6 weekly classes)

It is recommended the dog have solid basic foundation behaviors.

What is CGC?
CGC is a ten-skill AKC  training program that’s open to all dogs. The training focuses on teaching the basics of good manners and obedience, instilling the values of responsible ownership, and strengthening the bond between you and your dog at home and out in the community. 
After mastering the ten skills, passing the CGC test together, and taking the Responsible Dog Ownership pledge, you and your pup will earn their Good Citizen Certificate. 

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